We make wine crackers and beer crackers.

Since 1989, consumers have been enjoying our hand cut
 American Vintage Wine Biscuits & our American Vintage Beer Biscuits.
We also bake a totally different brand of wine crackers called OFF the VINE Wine Snack / Crackers.
Still, America’s only cracker that’s made with wine and made with beer in the dough as the main ingredient.
 Of course, all the alcohol is cooked off.

The Classic American Vintage Wine Biscuit
is a hearty, round, thick, biscuit - cracker with a shortbread texture, made with wine.
The Original American Vintage Beer Biscuits
  also, a hearty, round, thick, biscuit-cracker with a shortbread texture, made with beer.
The Off the Vine Wine Snack / Crackers  
are small, thin, crispy, crunchy squares, easy to eat by the handful.

Both lines of savory crackers are perfect to serve when entertaining.
Enjoy our wine crackers or beer crackers with cheese, charcuterie, wine, appetizers,
olives, dips, cocktails, salads, spreads, or on their own.

Their striking combination of flavors and beautiful eye-catching artwork also makes them a perfect gourmet gift for any wine & cheese lover you know.

As a chef, I worked testing and developing recipes for food magazines, cookbook authors and TV cooking shows.
My peripheral vision was always scouting for some undiscovered, new flavor combination that I could share with my fellow food lovers. I gave a family recipe a culinary make over and started to manufacture crackers made with wine. We are honored to be a small artisan company baking 2 styles of wine crackers and beer crackers, in small batches for your enjoyment.

Retailers (specialty, cheese, wine and gift stores or tasting rooms)  &  Consumers
TO ORDER or for info, please email us at WINEBISCUITS@AOL.COM or Call us at ( 718 ) 361-1003
                                                                 Mary-Lynn Mondich - chef/owner

Here’s what we bake:

OFF the VINE Wine Snack / Crackers

* Simply White Wine
  A basic cracker with a little white wine pizazz.

*White Wine, Shallot & Cayenne
 This cracker is an addictive treat .
* White Wine Lemon, Rosemary
 We zest & juice fresh lemons and add fresh hand chopped rosemary. you'll taste the difference.

* Simply Red Wine
 A basic cracker with a little red wine pizazz.

*Red Wine - Salty Pepper
 Pink organic sea salt and black pepper are sprinkled on a Red Wine cracker and baked.

*Red Wine & Coarse Black Pepper
 The classic combination of red wine and black pepper gives these crackers a flavorful kick.

American Vintage Wine & Beer Biscuits

*Red Wine & Black Pepper
The full bodied Red Wine cracker dotted with butcher grind cracked black pepper.

*White Wine Shallot & Cayenne
The sophisticated fusion of white wine, shallots & cayenne is a heavenly culinary union.

*Chianti, Oregano & Crushed Red Pepper
Robust Chianti wine and Oregano unite with crushed red pepper in Mediterranean taste treat.

*Pizza & Beer
Classic combination in a cracker, dairy free.

*Smoky Chipotle, Lime & Beer
Smoky, bold and spicy, for those who like a kick.